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Meet Aisling Drennan

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Published on
April 9, 2018


Animated, affable and razor sharp, Aisling is a painter living in Riverlight, who has been selected for several international exhibitions and has several forthcoming shows elsewhere in the city.

“It’s exciting to have a career taking off in an area that’s taking off,” Aisling notes. Living in Nine Elms means she’s centrally located to all the galleries, museums, and art events while being easily connected to her studio in Earlsfield. Central London provides a diverse, creative hub that brings nourishing talks, thought provoking critiques, and a great sense of camaraderie.

Prior to pursuing a career as a painter, Aisling was an Irish dancer, part of the internationally renowned ‘Riverdance – The Show’. She toured over 400 cities and danced on The Great Wall of China, in Moscow’s Kremlin, on The Ant & Dec Show and The John Bishop Show. Whilst touring, Aisling carried a sketchbook and would make sketches before, after, and in between performances.

Although dance is no longer part of Aisling’s days, she sees the lyricism and energy of dancing as extending into her abstract oil paintings, which layer textures and colour. “Colours are very important to me,” Aisling explains, “I use yellow a lot and redirect the canvas through tonal differences.”


Aisling doesn’t wait for inspiration to knock on the door; she jumps right in, working on five canvases at once. She sees herself as a doer who keeps pushing and learning and making. Once a painting is finished, when it ‘sits comfortably,’ Aisling has her work professionally photographed outside the studio and shares her work on social media, continuously navigating the position of the #Artist as Instagrammer.

You can find out more about Aisling’s work here: or follow her @aisling_drennan_art to find about her upcoming shows.

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