Transport upgrades

Nine Elms is booming. To keep up with the flourishing community, a major increase in transport capacity is under way. New links to the centre of London will vastly improve services to and from the area. Key upgrades include:

  • The Northern Line Extension opened in Autumn 2021 with two new Tube stops at Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms on Wandsworth Road. The stations are now less than 15 minutes from The City, the West End and other major residential and employment centres. The Government confirmed a £1bn loan guarantee to fund the project. Find out more about the Northern Line Extension.
  • A new extension of the Thames River Path will open along the full length of the area (new sections at Riverside Gardens, Riverlight and Battersea Power Station have now opened) and a network of cycle and footpaths is being introduced.
  • Two new passenger piers connect Nine Elms and Battersea to London Riverbus services. The Thames Clippers pier opened at Battersea Power Station in Autumn 2017.
  • New bus routes are being introduced through Nine Elms and improvements made to existing services. Routes 452 and 436 have been extended through the area.
  • The Vauxhall bus, tube, and rail interchange is being improved to increase capacity and ease passenger flow.
  • Nine Elms Lane and the Vauxhall gyratory are being redesigned to reduce congestion and create a more pedestrian and cycle friendly environment with improved access to the riverside.
  • new pedestrian and cycle bridge would provide another direct link to Westminster on the opposite side of the Thames.
  • A linear Nine Elms Park will open up through Nine Elms following the line of the river. It will provide 11 acres (over four hectares) of new open parkland stretching from Vauxhall to Battersea Power Station.
  • The Santander Cycles network has been expanded across the regeneration area.
  • An innovative redesign of Queens Circus Roundabout in north Battersea separates cyclists from other traffic and provides new pedestrian crossings.
  • Gateways into, through and out of Nine Elms are being improved.

Read the adopted Nine Elms on the South Bank Cycling Strategy.