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Mapping Nine Elms Through the Ages


Published on
November 7, 2017


With digital tech and Google Maps at our fingertips, physical maps and atlases have been relegated to museums, antique shops, and libraries. However, physical maps give us a layout of our heritage and a history of the places we roam. With Nine Elms changing by the day, we’re collating old maps of the area.

A map of London (1790):

Map of the area (1811):

Map showing Nine Elms and Battersea Common Field (1818):

Nine Elms (1862):

From Bacons 1888 atlas:

This last map is particularly interesting; showing the terminus station of Nine Elms for the South Western Rail as well as the Nine Elms Pier, Docking Fork and good station.

If you find any other old maps of Nine Elms, let us know!

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