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Nine Elms sport and play areas – your feedback   

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Published on
January 28, 2021


2021 may have begun in lockdown but there are lots of things to look forward to this year.

Nine Elms will receive a breath of fresh air with the improvement of outdoor areas in Patmore Estate, Savona Estate and at the Yvonne Carr Centre.

Each outdoor area will allow for play, recreation and exercise, open for residents from the three local estates and the neighbourhood to use, creating a sport and play trail for all.

Following requests from residents, play equipment will be available for toddlers and ages up to 14+, including table tennis for all ages and sports equipment with a focus on cardio and resistance training.

The improvements are part of Wandsworth Council’s investment in local spaces and infrastructure in Nine Elms, using funding from nearby developments.

Last November, the council asked residents what they thought of the proposed designs for each outdoor area after gathering initial feedback on the improvements that they would like to see.

This was to better understand the needs and concerns of people who lived nearby before developing the final designs.

Listening to you

All feedback has been really important and has helped to shape the designs to accommodate the views of everyone in the community.

From the recent survey, we found that most residents are in favour of the proposals. Residents rated the proposals as ‘good’ or ‘very good’ with no negative ratings and 73 per cent said they would use the sport and play facilities.

We heard that your main concerns were:

  • Worries that antisocial behaviour may increase
  • That the refurbished areas wouldn’t be respected
  • Sport and play equipment would be too close to your home
  • Trees may be removed.

Here’s how Wandsworth Council is going to tackle your concerns

Antisocial behaviour

CCTV monitoring of play areas will be carried out before and after installation. CCTV is already in place, meaning the council can capture any antisocial behaviour as it arises, to help you feel safer.

There are planned additional community support officer patrols once the new play areas are in place, to help highlight any potential issues and to intervene if needed.

Respecting the space

Signage: anyone who uses the outdoor sport and play areas will know that the areas have been designed with, and for, the local community, and signs will ask that the newly refurbished play areas are respected. Additionally, we are looking to make better use of CCTV monitoring in the sport and play areas to ensure improved coverage.

The materials used for the new facilities will be carefully chosen, requiring less maintenance so it will look good for many years to come – and the whole community will be encouraged to respect the new equipment.

Equipment too close to your home

The sport and play improvements are located within established and existing recreation areas to ensure the facilities are easily accessible and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Removal of trees

The council has no plans to remove any trees from the area, in fact we’re going to introduce even more plants to attract wildlife and provide lovely summer scents.

Every area on the sport and play trail will include soft landscaping such as plants, grass and trees. Patmore Estate and the Yvonne Carr Centre areas will have a greater focus on sensory planting. Not only will this be good for the environment – it’s going to look great too!

What happens next?

Wandsworth Council are finalising the designs and, subject to planning, the improvements will start in the autumn and expected to be completed by spring 2022.

The council will keep you updated on progress via local forums such as the community and engagement advisory meetings.

Thank you to everyone involved so far for telling us what you think. We will continue to work with the Nine Elms community to make these areas fun, relaxing and safe places for everyone to enjoy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us on info@nineelmsonthesouthbank.com and we’ll get back to you.

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