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New exhibition space explores the history of Battersea Power Station

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January 30, 2019


Under the arches at Circus West Village, you will now find a new, interactive exhibition looking at the history of Battersea Power Station which has been opened by former workers from over fifty years ago. At the time, the iconic building produced a fifth of London’s electricity. The opening of the new exhibition comes on the back of news that Battersea Power Station is once again set to generate power from 2020.

The former Power Station workers shared their stories and experiences of working on Europe’s largest brick building, as they celebrated the opening of the new Heritage and Learning Hub at Circus West Village.

The exhibition invites visitors to get a closer look at the historical items that once lay within the Power Station and to listen to stories detailing the evolution of this great building. Featuring a variety of displays, including historic images and former items from the Power Station, scale models, films and time-lapses, guests and visitors can get a historical view of the Power Station and see the future plans for the building and its surrounding areas.

Alongside the launch of this new space marks an initiative by Battersea Power Station (BPS) to track down the stories, memories and experience from those who originally worked in the building.

This process will hopefully reveal more about what life was like working on the Power Station when it produced energy for some of the city’s most notable addresses including Buckingham Palace and Downing Street.

‘Alumni’ are encouraged to get in touch with the Battersea Power Station Development Company to share their memories and they can reach out by contacting alumni@bpsdc.co.uk.

Brian Davison, who started work at the Power Station more than 70-years ago, said:

“I worked here when I was 16-years-old, working with steam and learnt all about thermal dynamics. It is great that the team at BPS is keeping the history alive – recording the heritage of the building and the stories of the people who worked here is so important. It is amazing that this place is being brought back to life after being empty for so long – I just wish I could still work here!”

Honor Fishburn, Director of Placemaking at Battersea Power Station Development Company, said:

We are delighted to have so many alumni here to help us open this new exhibition and hope that many more will come forward to share their stories and mementos, helping us to unveil the history behind this fascinating building. We encourage anyone who worked in the Power Station to please come forward to share stories, memories and memorabilia. Alternatively, simply come down to view the exhibition, explore the Heritage Trail and soak up the atmosphere at one of our great restaurants.”


You can also get a closer look at the history of the Power Station through the interactive Heritage trail App.

The app is free to download and is narrated by journalist and broadcaster, Jonathan Freedland. It also features a game for younger visitors and an augmented reality (AR) experience for visitors to virtually access one of the most spectacular parts of the building.

The trail is an audio-led experience with transcripts, images and fun ‘Did You Know’ facts and figures, triggered by GPS at key locations around Circus West Village, the first phase of the development that is already open.

More than a thousand residents are now living here and almost two million people having visited the variety of independent restaurants, shops, bars and leisure facilities at this new riverside destination.

To submit your stories or to detail what memento’s you have, reach out via email to alumni@bpsdc.co.uk.

You can also follow @BatterseaPwrStn on Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all Power Station information.

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