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Countdown to 5-a-side football pitches at New Covent Garden Market


Published on
March 13, 2018


Powerleague is starting work at New Covent Garden Market, creating a five-a-side football facility featuring six state-of-the art 5th generation artificial all weather pitches.

As the original and premier provider of commercial small sided football facilities in the UK, Powerleague is looking to bring its unique brand of football to the local Nine Elms community by July this year.

There will be five 5-a-side pitches and one 8-a-side pitch allowing up to 76 people to play at any one time.  Through a Community Use Agreement with Wandsworth Council, special access will be available for local schools and community groups to use the pitches and local residents will be eligible for discounted rates at designated times.

In addition to the pitches there will also be two rooms available for meetings or children’s parties.  Again these would be available to local groups at a discounted rate.

This facility is provided by the development partners VINCI St Modwen as part of their commitment to placemaking in the wider redevelopment of New Covent Garden Market at Nine Elms.

Wandsworth Council Leader, Cllr Ravi Govindia said:

“It’s good to see that work is now underway on these pitches and that there is going to be a community use agreement so that local people can benefit from this investment.

“It’s important that young people, as well as local sports clubs and community groups, are provided with opportunities to use these all-weather pitches which are going to be a wonderful resource for the area. Football is a great way to get people involved in sport and exercise and I look forward to seeing these pitches up and running in the summer.”

Local youth worker Kafui Brese, who works for the FAST Hub in Patmore, said:

“We’re very excited to have this new facility on our doorstep especially knowing that Powerleague are carving out space specifically for community use. It’s a great opportunity for our young people – a lot of them have a huge passion for sport which unfortunately dissipates as they lack the facilities to pursue their passion. To have this up on New Covent Garden Market will help create a new avenue for the existing community and the future community of Nine Elms to come together and bond over the shared experience of football. Therefore we welcome this new facility to the area with great anticipation!”

Speaking for Covent Garden Market Authority, Pam Alexander said:

“New Covent Garden Market has been part of the Nine Elms community since 1974, feeding and flowering London. But we operate behind walls and at night.  These football pitches are a fantastic way of benefiting our neighbours ‘over the wall’.  We know that many local people, both young and not so young, are looking forward to playing here.  One thing they should never be short of is oranges for half time!”

Speaking for Powerleague Andrew Hill Managing Director said:

“We are immensely excited to announce the opening of Nine Elms Powerleague and relish the opportunity to bring small sided football to local residents and businesses.  Our success is built on building strong links with the community and giving players from all walks of life a destination to enjoy the beautiful game.”

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