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The Black Cab Coffee Company story


Published on
May 5, 2017


It’s a brilliant idea; merging the two things that run this city – coffee and the iconic London black cab.

That’s the vision behind the Black Cab Coffee Company, an independent business that started when Emmy Osman and Graham Buck converted their vehicle into a mobile barista drink station. It all started when back in 2012, Emmy picked up Graham in her cab for their second date.

The awesome twosome parked right outside Vauxhall Station and quickly became an intrinsic part of the local community, fuelling commuters each day with delicious drinks. Vauxhall was the ideal location, brewing a strong sense of community in the heart of London. “It’s like ‘Cheers’ or ‘Friends’: the spot everyone gets together, knows one another and shares a cup of coffee,” says Emmy.

The idea grew.

Not because Graham or Emmy are particularly loud about what they do, but because everyone can tell they are deeply passionate. They’re generous of spirit and dedicated. Naturally, a fan base flourished and their number of cabs increased to three. They started attending festivals and getting international visitors seeking them out, whether it be Vauxhall or Brick Lane.

They hit the road with their idea but knew they can bring a lot to the table too. So Emmy & Graham set up the Black Cab Coffee Company café in Nine Elm’s Riverlight, right on the Thames.

The space is contemporary, cosy and cool with large windows that filter natural light throughout. It’s the perfect spot to go for a boozy brunch (served all day and yes, they’re licensed) or an afternoon coffee and delectable dessert. The place is a blend of local and global where beans from Costa Rica and Guatemala are roasted in-house and honey is brought in from Essex meadows. The service is attentive and engaged and the quality of the food is top-notch.

The developers of Riverlight, St James, know the value of independent coffee shops and of supporting local businesses. That’s why they partnered with the Black Cab Coffee Company over a chain coffee business to provide this ideal riverside location. Visit and you’ll see: easily accessible from Nine Elms Lane and right by the water.

The Black Cab Coffee Company is revving their engines for the summer when they’ll start a series of events in their beautiful riverside patio. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to find out what they have in store and check out their bar which launched recently!

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