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Check out Nine Elms noticeboards


Published on
August 21, 2018


Nine Elms has three noticeboards which share all the exciting events, programmes, festivals, art projects and goings on in the neighbourhood!

Don’t miss the latest features and check out the local map at the noticeboard locations on the riverside at Bourne Valley Wharf, on Thessaly Road and Battersea Park Road.

The bespoke community noticeboards signpost cultural events and artworks and have been designed by The Decorators –  a multidisciplinary design collective founded by Suzanne O’Connell, Xavi Llarch Font, Carolina Caicedo and Mariana Pestana.

The Decorators use their background in landscape architecture, psychology, and interior architecture to reconnect the physical elements of a place with its social elements.  Their spatial designs bring together the social and cultural dimensions of a place in order to create new engaging, interactive experiences. Next time you’re by a noticeboard, send us a snap on Instagram (@NineElmsLondon) or Twitter (@NineElmsTeam)!


The Decorators have worked with local authorities, museums, curators and brands and we’re excited to have them in #NineElms too!

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