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Battersea Power Station Storybox

A collection of the Battersea Power Station memories


Published on
April 6, 2017


Battersea Power Station have partnered with Battersea based social enterprise Chocolate Films to collect your memories of the power station. Inside a refurbished K2 phone box designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the very same architect who designed the Power Station, watch stories told by other local residents, and record your own memories of the power station so they can be added to our archive of local history, and become part of a film which will be shared later on in the year.


Circus West Village, Grosvenor Arch, London SW8 4NU

The best way to get there is on foot. If you head to Chelsea Bridge and go down to the river path, keep the river on your left hand side and you’ll walk straight up to the entrance of Grosvenor Bridge and Circus West Village.

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