Nine Elms Park – a new park opening up

A new 4.5 hectare linear park is opening in stages through Battersea and Nine Elms, from Battersea Power Station in the west towards Vauxhall at the eastern end of the regeneration area.

The landscaped route connects additional public realm and existing green spaces with other public squares, shopping parades, hotels, parks and gardens.

A sustainable urban drainage system runs underneath the park, and above ground there will be bird, bat and insect boxes and hundreds of mature trees.

Nine Elms Park will be a new park open to everyone living, working, studying  or visiting the Wandsworth and Lambeth area of London.

Wandsworth Council has worked together with neighbours, developers and landowners to create one continuous park for everyone to enjoy, gradually taking shape as each development completes between 2021 and c2025.

See our preview of how the Park will look!
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Commitment to providing 24/7 publicly accessible green and open spaces and play areas is agreed in an innovative POPS (privately owned public space) charter which enshrines owner collaboration in the maintenance and management of the park for the leisure and wellbeing of all users.

Landscape and design

Local councils, developers and landowners have worked together to develop a common landscape language for the park so that many of the basis elements are consistent throughout the entire length of the park, irrespective of landowner and delivery phase. The palette of materials and planting style has been agreed so that it creates the feeling of one park and ensures consistency across land ownership boundaries.

Masterplan map for Nine Elms Park