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Winter Light – animation workshop by Chocolate Films

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Published on
November 24, 2017


Have you ever wanted to try animation? Tomorrow’s (Saturday Nov 25th) workshop run by Chocolate Films at the StudioRCA is your chance to dabble in light box animation.

This drop in workshop as part of the #NineElms Winter Trails festival will give you all the things you need to make your own short animation, including pre-prepared stencil cutouts of landmarks in the area and coloured acetates as the canvas for your imagination to roam free.

The idea for putting on this workshop is part of the ethos of Chocolate Films – their deep rooted conviction that making art and film should be accessible and open to anyone who wants to explore. So this workshop is for anyone that wants to exercise their creative juices regardless of previous exposure to films and animation!

We are working with Chocolate Films because they are a local Battersea-based  organisation moving to Nine elms in 2020. This workshop is part of their programme to get to know the neighbours.

Sinead Loftus, one of the organisers of the workshop said, “It’s interesting to host this workshop in Nine Elms so that it brings the community together”. Anyone attending the workshop on Saturday should remember two things:

  1. Bring your wildest ideas
  2. Have fun

The workshop runs from 11am till 4pm where you can drop in at any point; storyboarding and animating your ideas will be approximately 30 minutes (dependent on how extravagant the ideas are!). Afterwards, all the animations will be put together for a screening in addition to Nine Elms Past and Present, a series of filmed portraits of people connected to the area.

All ages are welcome.

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