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Opening of the Brand New Covent Garden Flower Market

Published on
April 3, 2017


As of Monday, April 3rd, New Covent Garden Market is opening the doors of its brand new Flower Market!

Put it in your diaries: you can visit this clean, modern space full to the brim with bright colours and beautiful scents, to witness the workings of the UK’s only dedicated flower hall.

Did you know the market supplies 75% of London’s florists? From small high-street shops to high-end event florists and everyone in between – the flowers end up in London’s Royal Palaces, shops, market stalls, hotels, offices, parties, homes and weddings.

Flowers aren’t the only attraction. New Covent Garden Market is also the largest wholesale fruit and vegetable market in the UK. They’re building a new Fruit and Veg Market too, but you’ll have to wait a few more years for that.

Did you know the market supplies 40% of the fruit and vegetables eaten outside of the home in London? From small cafés to Michelin-star restaurants and everyone in between – the produce ends up in London’s hotels, schools, hospitals, catering businesses and prisons.

You don’t have to imagine the community, the energy, the colours or the spirit of this place. Go for a visit to the new Flower Market and you’ll the see the buzzing market, brimming with banter and blossoms. The new space has a warm café too, which will be a cosy spot for you to soak up the atmosphere.

New Covent Garden Market has been flowering and feeding London for centuries and will continue to do that for generations to come. So make sure to check it out and sign up for one of the free tours coming up during the Chelsea Fringe.

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