A new youth centre is launched on the Patmore Estate

Battersea Power Station Development Company, Carillion and Skanska are pleased to help launch a new youth centre on the nearby Patmore estate.

Published on
August 24, 2015


On behalf of the Battersea Power Station shareholders, Battersea Power Station Development Company (“BPSDC”) – the site development manager, Carillion – main contractor on Circus West (Phase 1) – and Skanska – main contractor on the Power Station (Phase 2) – are pleased to help launch a new youth centre on the nearby Patmore estate.

For the last four months, BPSDC together with Carillion, Skanska, Clipfine Site Services who manage the side-wide logistics at Battersea Power Station and 16 sub-contractors have worked with FAST, the local branch of the nationwide youth charity e:merge to create a new youth centre.

On Saturday 22 August, the hard work of everyone involved was praised by Member of Parliament for Battersea, Jane Ellison and Mayor of Wandsworth, Councillor Nicola Nardelli as they formally opened the centre.

Jane Ellison MP, said: “Congratulations to everyone involved in the development of the youth centre. Taking an unused space, giving it a new purpose to enable positive change in young people’s lives and creating learning opportunities along the way is regeneration in action, in every sense. I look forward to hearing about the achievements of the young people who use the centre now that it is open.”

Mayor of Wandsworth, Councillor Nicola Nardelli, commented: “I am absolutely delighted to be part of the opening of FAST’s new drop-in space. It is such a valuable project for the Patmore Estate. FAST, together with Kerry, is doing fantastic work in getting Patmore’s young people focused and also into work I hope this continues well into the future.”

In keeping with FAST’s work to raise the aspirations of the estate’s younger generation and helping to transform their lives, the guiding principle throughout the project has been to involve young people at every stage. A team of young people have project managed,researched, discussed and debated ideas and taken every decision on the development of the new space.

The young people have successfully created their new youth centre in the old communal laundry room on the ground floor of Marsh House. Gone are the old washing machines installed in the 1950s for residents’ use and all the items that have been stored in it over the years. In their place is a new kitchen which was sourced and fitted by the team at Clipfine Site Services and space for group work and entertainment.

To maximise the resources at their disposal, the young people approached BPSDC for practical assistance on the refit work. The BPSDC Community team then worked with the e:merge project team and the main contractors on the Battersea Power Station site – Skanska and Carillion – to develop the project further as they saw the opportunity to explain different career pathways that related to the construction industry. Over the last four months, Patmore’s young people have learnt about construction, health and safety, sourcing goods and services, project and event management and communications in practical ways, whilst creating the new youth facility for their community.

Kerry Astin, South-West Director of e:merge and FAST, says: “Thank you to everyone at Battersea Power Station who has lent their time and energy to help us out. We work to raise the aspirations of Patmore’s young people and help them transform their lives. Our young people now understand more about almost every stage of construction and project management while working with the contractors to create an amazing new space to take forward our work and their ambitions.”

Rob Tincknell, CEO at BPSDC, said: “The youth centre is important because it will be a home for e:merge to work one-to-one with young people to build up their confidence and to support each person to gain employment. This project is a small step towards helping local young people to reach their potential and it is brilliant that Team Battersea has worked together to partner with e:merge on this journey.”

In addition to Clipfine Site Services, sub-contractors from both Carillion and Skanska’s supply chains were involved in the fit out of the new youth centre. Working on different areas of the Battersea Power Station project, the sub-contractors have lent their expertise and sourced goods to help create the youth centre. The specialist contractors involved are: Keltbray Environmental Services, Woodlands Site Services, SRW Engineering Services, Astins, Cousins, Clear-line, Permasteelisa, Swift Group, Roofing & Construction Ltd, O’Neill & Brennan, Platt & Reilly, Wysepower, Domus Tiles, Travis Perkins, Cornelius and Speedy Hire.

Eva Sadlier, Community Liaison Manager at Carillion, commented: “Carillion is committed to leaving a lasting and positive legacy in the communities where we work. We have a clear goal to assist in enabling sustainable communities and we are delighted to partner with a fantastic organisation like e:merge where we aim to create and maintain links beyond the lifecycle of the project.”

Harry Wain, Community Engagement Advisor at Skanska, said: “Battersea Power Station has been a constant presence in the lives of people on the Patmore Estate, and, as part of the team redeveloping the Power Station for future generations, we want to ensure that the area’s young people benefit from the skills, expertise and passion of our team on site. On completion, this new space will offer a secure, nurturing environment for young people. We’re proud to be playing a part in supporting the Battersea community.”

The youth centre was opened today with a special day of community events and talks. Highlights included: sports activities, free food, open mic, and arts and craft workshops.

Sam Clark, a Patmore resident and volunteer on the project explains why she wanted to get involved in creating a new youth centre: “It’s going to create opportunities for young people in this area who haven’t had opportunities before and will help those of us that are slightly older who haven’t worked before to get work. I just got some work experience and, soon, I hope a job through FAST.”

Natalie Forbe, a Patmore resident and youth volunteer on the project explains how she’s worked with the whole team at Battersea: “I’ve been involved by organising the work, going to meetings at the Power Station and actually doing the work which has taught me about construction. It’s been great to do something, keeping busy, helping others and learning something at the same time.

“The youth centre is going to have lots of activities and helping people get back into work, learn cooking and gathering people. It’s good for the community!”


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