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Wandsworth Art Market at New Union Square

Local artists and makers hold a weekend of art markets and crafty workshops.

Art market stalls



In partnership with Citizens Art London, Wandsworth Council are hosting a series of art markets across the borough over the first weekend of the Easter holidays.

Wandsworth Art Market will pop up in New Union Square, Embassy Gardens.

There are also workshops for all ages!

Workshops 1-2 April

The Rangoli Inspired Painting Workshop – workshop by Jayson Singh

Saturday 1 April, 1.30pm – 1.5hrs

4yrs + (children must be supervised by parents/guardians)

Attendees will be spreading coloured play sand onto sticky templates using their hands, so no tools are required. The coloured play sand is dry and won’t stain clothes or skin. The workshop will explores colour interaction in a fun and inventive manner, and borrows techniques found in Rangoli practice. Rangoli is an ephemeral art form originating in India, where decorative designs are created on the ground using coloured powders. In this workshop, attendees will create permanent Rangoli motifs onto pre-cut sticky templates. At the end of the workshop, the attendees can take their motifs home with them to become fridge magnets or badges (safety pins with foam stickers will be provided).

Rangoli designs

Rangoli designs with Jayson Singh

Printing Leaves – workshop by Felicity Prazak

Sunday 2 April, 1.30pm – 1.5hrs

10yrs + (children must be supervised by parents/guardians)

The workshop is an easy and accessible way to enjoy printing without a press, and exposes the participants to monoprinting in three stages: 1. Apply three colours in blocks of paint, using a roller. While this is drying, Felicity will demonstrate the process of printing both negative and positive shapes with the stencils, emphasising harmony, balance and colour combination. Stage 2 will see the participants stencil the leaves onto their background. They are shown how to reverse the leaves and lay them partially on the Page. The final stage, whilst stencils are drying, will see Felicity demonstrate how to use the fabric paint/posco pens/acrylic pens to embellish the work by adding patterns.

The participants are shown how they can create a finished artwork in monoprinting.

Allium Painting – workshop by Tipperley Hill

Sunday 2 April, 3.30pm – 1.5hrs

15yrs + (children must be supervised by parents/guardians)

Participants will create painted alliums using acrylics on canvas board, learning mark making techniques and embracing the accidental.

Begin painting by creating a coloured background applying paint with an old store or credit card (like using a squeegee). While this is drying we will experiment on sheets of brown paper creating allium head flowers using the tip of a pipette, the end of a brush or a twig and see which is the most pleasing and satisfying.

Building up the colour is shades of blue and lilac, we will move on to our canvas. Next, paint in stems and leaves and complete your canvas ready to hang!

Other locations

Wandsworth Art Markets are also at St Mary’s churchyard (Putney) and All Saints Church (Tooting). Find out more on the Wandsworth Art website

New Union Square, Embassy Gardens, SW11 7AR

Nearest train/tube:
Battersea Power Station Tube, Nine Elms Tube, Vauxhall station

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Start date: 01/04/2023
End date: 02/04/2023
Open from 13:00 to 17:00

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