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Virtual event: The elms of Nine Elms and beyond

Join David Shreeve, co-founder of The Conservation Foundation for an overview on the roots of the Great British Elm Experiment followed by a question and answer session on Wednesday 19 May from 1pm to 2pm.

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David will give an insight into the reintroduction of elms back into Britain after the devastating effects of Dutch elm disease that killed millions of trees in the UK.

You’ll hear about the propagation programme that began the introduction of large numbers of Sapporo Autumn Gold elms, the variety of tree that live in Nine Elms along with the American connection that made it happen.

The webinar will be hosted by Paul Wood, elm enthusiast and author of three books on trees in the capital: ‘London is a Forest’, ‘London’s Street Trees’ and ‘London Tree Walks’, for a discussion on elm trees.

This talk is part of the Tree Rings Webinars by Urban Tree Festival.

The Urban Tree Festival, taking place from Saturday 15 May to Sunday 23 May, is a national celebration of urban and suburban trees, woods, forests, scrubland, hedgerows and all the wild places that bring life and joy to our cities.

It will be online with virtual events, self-guided tours, and activities.

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Event date: 19/05/2021
Open from 13:00 to 14:00

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