Vauxhall Winter Village

Presented by the team behind Vauxhall Street Food Garden, London’s Vauxhall Winter Village is a brand new seasonal attraction. The free-to-enter event is a pop-up alpine ski village. 6a South Lambeth Place, Vauxhall, London, SW8 1SP

Vauxhall Winter Village will feature après ski-style food, drink and entertainment right in the heart of the capital, with a lively local scene, Vauxhall Arches and Vauxhall Street Food Garden will host this must-go-to destination event for the whole of London in the run up to Christmas and beyond.

The event includes Retro Rentals Ski Wear with a cable car photo booth, bookable alpine cabin booths, a winter sports bar, which will broadcast the latest winter sports, including ice hockey, a festive bandstand, a pop-up fondue lodge, street food stalls, such as City Burger, churros, s’mores, Dutch pancakes, Carve Bar, plus hot pies, soups and mince pies. The seasonal cocktail menu incudes classics like egg nog and spiced drinks. Beer, wine, spirits and champagne will also be available.


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