The Great River Race

The “Thames marathon” and Europe’s most colourful river race, visible on the South Bank of the river between Lambeth Bridge and Chelsea Bridge. More than 300 man powered vessels from all over the UK and around the world compete in this race to find the UK Traditional Boat Champions.

The entry includes gigs, skiffs, cutters, currachs, jolly boats, naval whalers, Chinese dragon boats, Hawaiian war canoes, Viking longships, shallops, skerries, wherries and many, many more.

The race starts from Millwall Slipway at 10:45am and the leading boat is expected to cross the finish line, below Ham House in Richmond, at around 1:40pm, with approximate intermediate local bridge timings as follows: Westminster – 11:30;Lambeth – 11:35; Chelsea – 11:45; Wandsworth – 12:00.

The Great River Race

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