StudioRCA: The Do Nothing Club

Alessio Mazzaro and Fiona Winning will be creating a space at Studio RCA where for 10 evenings (Satrting on Friday 11 November) people can join them in pretending to be somebody else, with superpowers, to do nothing as an antidote to hyper-productivity, away from the constraints of relentless working, networking and writing.

They will create a set enabling participants to experience a new dimension.

The club will have a compulsory dress code which is to wear one of the provided special capes. On entering visitors will find a welcoming space with an interior designed to be comfortable, a Do Nothing Manifesto and a Do Nothing Booklet.

After their Do Nothing experience, people will be given a membership card as a souvenir. The installation will bwe at StudioRCA daily from Friday 11 November until Sunday 20 November from 6.30pm until 9pm.


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