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Patmore Sundial Garden discussion


Patmore Sundial Gardens is a temporary installation on the estate for Chelsea Fringe, taking place 19th-27th May.  It is designed by Urban Canopy, and commissioned by the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership.

The installation consists of four gardens.  The primary garden, a large planted sundial, will be located next to the playground between Bonsor House and Cudworth House. By standing at the centre of the sundial you will be able to tell the time by the shadow that you cast.

By following your shadow and a trail of coloured plants, you will then be led to three further gardens – the Morning, Midday and Evening Gardens – each planted with edible plants and different coloured plants associated with the particular time of day.

Urban Canopy will be working with residents of Patmore Estate to create each of the gardens, and once the festival is over, the plants will be relocated to the existing flower beds on the estate.

You can meet Urban Canopy to learn more about this project

Committee Room
Patmore Estate
Deeley Road

Nearest train/tube:
Battersea Park Station/Queenstown Road

Event date: 18/04/2018
Open from 17:00 to 19:00

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