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US Embassy London’s artwork on Zappar

US Embassy facade

Digital content of commissioned artwork within the Embassy, accessed via the Zappar app. This will enable the public to access the art within the embassy through augmented reality.

In addition, the US Embassy London’s artwork will be showcased on new cultural displayboards being installed at Bourne Valley Wharf and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.


Nine Elms Notice Boards – The Decorators new commission for the area – are bespoke cultural noticeboards that signpost cultural events and artworks, as well as providing space to share creative projects.

The Decorators is a multidisciplinary design collective founded by Suzanne O’Connell, Xavi Llarch Font, Carolina Caicedo and Mariana Pestana. With backgrounds in landscape architecture, interior architecture and psychology, The Decorators work on spatial design projects that aim to reconnect the physical elements of a place with its social dimension. They employ a methodology that builds on the social and cultural makeup of a site to create new experiences that can prompt interaction or shape communal memory. They support this by designing infrastructures for social interaction. These include physical elements that choreograph and set the stage for a multitude of possible uses. Their clients include local authorities, museums, curators and brands, and their work ranges from context-specific engagement strategies and public realm landscapes, to exhibition design and interactive interiors.


Zappar app: Augmented Reality adds a new feature to this evolutionary appendage totally reimagining the role of the camera on your phone when used in an app as a new remote control for the world connecting you (and your audience if you’re a business owner) to the things and places around you.

Part of Outer Limits: Summer of Public Art in Nine Elms.

Zappar app

Start date: 01/08/2018
End date: 31/08/2018

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