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You’re invited to… Lab Liftoff: Global Designathon!

The Institute of Imagination will be hosting a Designathon workshop as part of Global Designathon 2017.

How can we teach our children to become the producer of new technologies? How can we show our children how to build a better world for themselves and the planet? The Designathon method was created in response to these challenges.

A Designathon workshop combines making and engaging with new technologies to reimagine the world and design a solution to a social or environmental issue. During this process children learn to think like a designer, build and prototype their ideas, and present their self-devised solutions to the group.

Developed in the Netherlands, the Designathon method combines aspects of ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Maker Education’, both approaches that are gaining ground in education systems around the world. Designathon workshops help children become future ready by learning to design and working with technology such as mini-motors and sensors. They also explore empathy and develop an important insight into technology’s implications on society. Furthermore, the experience encourages the development of key skills championed by the Institute of Imagination such as collaboration, perseverance, problem solving and resourcefulness.

We are hosting this event as part of Global Designathon 2017, a one day annual event dedicated to celebrating what the world could be like when children design better futures using new technologies. Throughout the day we will be in virtual contact with groups from different cities around the world hosting their own designathon workshops, providing a great opportunity to share our ideas and present our designs.

When is the Lab Liftoff: Global Designathon?

Our Global Designathon camp will take place on Saturday 11 November.

Who is the Lab Liftoff: Global Designathon for and how much does it cost?

This event costs £30 for the full day and is ideal for children aged 7 – 12. Children can be dropped off by a parent or carer at the Lab in the morning and picked up as the camp ends. Please bring a packed lunch with you as food will not be provided. We work on a 5:1 supervision basis.

The Workshop
26 Lambeth High Street
London UK

Nearest train/tube:

Event date: 11/11/2017
Open from 10:00 to 17:00

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