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Lab Liftoff: Coding Camp with FUZE


You’re invited to… Lab Liftoff: Coding Camp with FUZE

Imagination Camp FUZE Workshops consist of a full day’s coding activities, learning to code using a real text based programming language. Children from 7-14 years old get to code simple programs, control electronic circuits, interact with sensors and even code a robot arm. The activities are tailored to the individual’s ability level so each student will progress at their own pace. This allows FUZE to cater for mixed aged groups and abilities.

What to expect at Lab Liftoff: Coding Camp with FUZE?
• Simple programming and debugging, leading to more advanced levels as they progress.
• Playing with a robotic arm, leading to actually programming the device.
• Coding a basic LED circuit leading to flashing strips of LEDs in sequence.
• Interaction with a light sensor, leading to multiple sensors controlling images on screen.
• Very basic game programming, leading to complete fully functioning games programming.
• Drawing shapes on screen, leading to complex animated graphics and drawing.
• Programming sounds leading to building a working touch sensitive synthesiser.
• Using binary notation to redesign character graphics, leading to font design and text animation.
• Learning about loops , leading to complex loops (FOR, WHILE, UNTIL).
• Learning about variables, leading to manipulation numeric and text variables.
• Learning about conditional statements, leading to IF THEN ELSE ENDIF controls.

You can either book one day or both days. Booking both days will enable your child to progress on the second day.

Who is Lab Liftoff: Coding Camp with FUZE for and how much does it cost? 
FUZE coding days are ideal for children aged 7-14 and tickets are £40. This is a drop off, camp style event – parents and carers are not expected to stay with their children. A packed lunch is required.

How do I book Lab Liftoff: Coding Camp with FUZE?
You can book tickets on the FUZE website here. If there are any special requirements (SEN / ASD) please let FUZE know at point of booking.

The Workshop
26 Lambeth High St, Lambeth, London SE1 7AG

Nearest train/tube:

Start date: 14/02/2018
End date: 16/02/2018
Open from 9:00 to 15:30

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