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Indebted Vision: Patricia L. Boyd and Rachal Bradley in conversation




“The figure of ‘indebted man’ cuts across the whole of society and calls for new solidarities and new cooperation. We must also take in account how it pervades ‘nature’ and ‘culture’, since neoliberalism has run up our debt to the planet as well as to ourselves as living beings.” Maurizio Lazzarato, The Making of the Indebted Man. p.162. Semiotext(e). Distributed by MIT Press: Cambridge, MASS and London, England. 2012

“Debt constitutes the ground for constructing citizenship and subjectivity. Given its ability to constitute our social body, via economies, how does this affect our sense of vision? Shot through our senses, desire drives perception. With Western culture’s primacy on vision how does the figure of the ‘indebted man’ intersect with accumulation’s salient organ, the eyeball? Could our vision be considered in indenture to a larger system of debt structured by bondage through legal arrangements and ‘life taxes’?” Rachal Bradley, Nottingham, November 2017

Drawing on shared personal reference material, artists and friends Patricia L. Boyd and Rachal Bradley discuss the operation of indebted vision. Boyd’s recent projects have focused on ideas of debt and exhaustion, including Operator (2017), a single-channel video installation which uses the calculations of a loan repayment scheme as an organising structure for the edit.

This workshop is part of Interlocutor, Rachal Bradley’s forthcoming solo exhibition at Gasworks.

Due to limited capacity and seats being allocated on a first come, first served basis, audiences are encouraged to arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Gasworks Gallery
155 Vauxhall Street
London SE11 5RH

Event date: 14/12/2017
Open from 19:00 to 20:30

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