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Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) in Conversation w/ Sara Lowe

Climate Change March – 00092014


Discussion between WEN (Women’s Environmental Network) and Sara Lowe around urban gardening as a way of awareness and change of our surrounding
Kate Metcalf is Co-Director at Women’s Environmental Network (WEN). WEN is the only UK charity working on issues that link women, health and the environment. Kate has 20 years’ experience delivering participatory training, developing community networks, project management and campaigning. She has worked in international development organisations promoting gender equality in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  She is currently leading WEN’s Environmenstrual Campaign which is aiming to bring about a UK revolution for healthy, eco-friendly menstrual products.
For more information about Environmenstrual-  ‘Managing our periods without harming the planet or our health’ please visit
Sara Lowe is a Master Student in philosophy at Åbo Academy, Finland; the focus for her studies is environmental philosophy and value theory. She has recently started an internship for Silly Greens – a London start-up that is sowing and distributing growing-kits of microgreens to people in order to encourage them to grow their own food and getting to know their ingredients. She has recently embarked on the strenuous journey of creating an urban farm with her partner in South East London where she seeks to embody the results from her research in academia. By naming each plot in the farm after environmental philosophers she is hoping that their commitment to the environment will be an inspiration to the continuous projects she and her partner is undertaking.
And the nearby Black Cab Coffee Co will be serving drinks.

StudioRCA | 1 Riverlight Quay | Nine Elms Lane | London | SW8 5AU

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Event date: 25/05/2018
Open from 19:00 to 21:00

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