Battersea Park Children's Zoo – Marvellous Meerkat Montage

Beatrice Von Preussen with Fiona Vella
Come and add your Meerkat and make your mark!
Upon completing your fun booklet of animal sketches we’ll ask you to cut out your Meerkat and add it to our world scene… Will it be waiting for a bus or spray painting a message in the city scape? Maybe it’ll be sitting in a deck chair sipping bug juice, whilst sunning itself on the beach, in the tropical scene? Or perhaps it’ll be photographing the birds in the trees in our Finches’ Forest?

You get to draw, create and decide! Help us to make the mural as colourful and interesting as possible … we’ll be making leaf prints for the forest, sand castles for the beach scene and graffitti bricks and buses for the urban landscape.

Battersea Park Zoo

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